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'Be Out Day' an opportunity for kids to be kids following the transitions through the pandemic

Teachers focus on students' social skills
Posted at 7:14 PM, May 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-04 19:15:08-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — Many students had to learn to adapt to the new way of learning during the pandemic.

From virtual to hybrid and now back in person.

With the pandemic impacting students across the country, sixth grade teachers at Griffin Middle School are making sure their students end the year with the right attitude.

"I was really nervous because I'm not in the same school anymore" said Jakayla Davis.

Last year Jakayla Davis spent fifth grade at home because of the pandemic.

"Ima be real, I didn't really learn anything" said Davis.

Davis told ABC 27 that online school was hard an although she was nervous about coming to Griffin Middle School she was happy it was back in-person.

"I got to do different things. I got to experience more than what I did from last year being on online school" said Davis.

Davis isn't the only student that struggled with the changes.

"We have really seen our kids socially be kind of in a negative state because they've been at home" said Tarran Jefferson.

Tarran Jefferson is a school counselor at Griffin Middle School.

She said its been a challenge for the students to regain those social skills after not having much interactions.

"Being at home and being virtual really brought them down; whether it was emotionally, mentally or academically" said Charmise Jones.

Charmise Jones is a sixth grade teacher at Griffin Middle School.

She is having a field day she's calling a 'Be Out Day' to give her students a chance to regain social skills, and clear their mind.

"They can just come out here and be kids for a change and so what better way to do that then have them come outside at just take it back to the playground" said Jones.

An idea licensed therapist Jamila Holcomb said is needed for child development.

"The lack of physical activity for long periods of time does negatively impact their mental and physical health" said Jamila Holcomb.

This will be an outdoor experience Davis is looking forward to.

"I'm actually happy because it gives us time to be with our friends and be out and let us have a great time" said Davis.

The field day will be May 20th.

People in the community have a chance to donor to 'Be Out Day' to make this field day an activity the students wont forget.