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Authorities investigating after Thomasville residents report receiving letters bearing 'White Lives Matter'

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Posted at 4:34 PM, Aug 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-26 16:35:00-04

Authorities have contacted the FBI for assistance after numerous Thomasville residents reported receiving "racially-charged letters" with 'White Lives Matter' in the upper left corner.

Both the Thomas County Sheriff's office and the Thomasville Police Department said Wednesday that they have received multiple reports of the letters being sent to residents in Thomasville. More specifically, the sheriff's office says that multiple people in the Timber Ridge Drive area have received the letters.

"We will not post it due to the nature of the letter, but if you receive one you will recognize it due to wording on the outside of the envelope that says 'White Lives Matter' in the upper left corner," the Thomasville Police Department wrote in a social media post.

The Thomas County Sheriff's office says that it has contacted the FBI for assistance in its investigation into the matter.

If you receive a letter like the one described above and you have not opened it yet, authorities say don't open it. Instead, contact the sheriff's office at 229-225-3300.