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Archbold to host Operation Prom Night at Brookwood

Posted at 2:30 PM, Mar 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-11 13:02:46-04

Archbold and several other local partners is set to host an Operation Prom Night Friday in Thomasville.

Operation Prom Night will be an interactive event for high school students, focusing on possible consequences of drinking and driving. "It’s important that young people know the impact their choices can have on their safety and the safety of others,” said Kelli Vaughn, Archbold trauma program manager.

A simulated car crash will be located at the event along with local nursing students made up to mock injuries sustained in a car crash, according to Archbold. The event will also include an emergency call to E-911 and a mock field sobriety test.

The event is set to take place Friday, March 10, near the football field at Brookwood School and will involve Brookwood high school students and staff, the Archbold Trauma Department and Thomas County Emergency services.

Vaughn said they want this event to be as real as possible for the students who are observing the event to help drive their point home.

With March being the start of prom season for many Georgia high schools, the month is an important time for outreach initiatives like Operation Prom Night for underage drinking prevention, drunk driving prevention, and the promotion of safe driving practices, Archbold says.

According to Archbold, similar events have been held at both Thomas County and Thomasville schools, but this will be the first time the event is held at Brookwood School.

Archbold partnered with Brookwood School, Thomas County Sheriff's Office, Thomas County Emergency Services and several other local partners to host the event.

For more information, contact Kelli Vaughn at 229-228-8260.