JobSeeker positions for the week of 1/21/22:

Keiser University

  • Assistant Registrar
  • Baking and Pastry Instructor
  • Medical Assisting Instructor
  • Nursing Instructor
  • Psychology Instructor

Florida Legislature

  • Information Systems Engineer
  • Information Systems Programmer
  • Senior Information Systems Analyst

Earley's Kitchen

  • Barista
  • Grill Cook
  • Line Server
  • Salad Bar and Sandwich Maker

Acme Barricades

  • Guardrail Installer
  • Highways Signs Installer
  • Traffic Control Specialist


  • Aero-Thermal Engineer
  • CNC Machinist first shift
  • CNC Machinist second shift
  • CNC Trainee
  • Engineer, Laboratory Application Testing
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Machinist
  • Manager, Customer Experience
  • One ERP Warehouse Consultant
  • Process Engineer
  • Production Technician
  • R&D Machinist
  • Senior Engineer R&D Lab
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Tactical Buyer
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Customer Experience Account Manager

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Career Seeker Tip of the Week

Rethinking Your Career Path? 5 Tips to Guide the Change You Seek

There has been a shift in the job market due to Covid 19. As a result, many people have begun to rethink their job choices and evaluate what type of work they are interested in doing.

According to the Financial Management website, [], professionals interested in a career boost or a career shift should follow this career advice:

  • Focus on upskilling. This means that individuals need to learn new skills and work on developing themselves. This can result in more opportunities in a current job or lead to new opportunities and new roles.
  • Look for balance in skills and expertise. For example, work on developing technology skills and improving work knowledge simultaneously. Look for a balance between the two.
  • Ask for help. Have a goal in mind for the specific type of help you are seeking. Try to have your objective and improvement plan determined before you ask for help.  Think it through, then seek outside advice.
  • Craft your ideal job description. Figure out what you are most interested in doing and post that to social media sites such as LinkedIn. A recruiter may find your post and help you develop a job opportunity.
  • Resist complacency. Technology changes can shift how a company views your current value to an organization. Constantly evaluate how valuable the tasks and duties you complete daily are to your organization. Make suggestions to your boss of other responsibilities that you can add to your job.

Be proactive in your career and development. This may pay dividends in the long run!

For more tips and assistance, contact a CareerSource Capital Region Workshop Trainer or attend a workshop on this topic at CareerSource Capital Region. Call (850) 922-0023 or visit [] for more information.


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