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1 TEAM 1 DREAM: Tailgating in Omaha

Posted at 5:39 AM, Jun 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-17 05:39:51-04

(WTXL) — One thing synonymous with sports is tailgates and last weekend at Super Regional in Baton Rouge, fans didn't disappoint.

Over the weekend in Omaha at the World Serious, fans didn't disappoint either.

"We came in 2007, my wife and I, and we had so much fun, we've come every year since," said Paul Maloney.

And so the Lot D Lizard Lounge was born, whether Mississippi State makes the trip or not.

"All this stuff you see behind us is in storage in downtown Omaha every year. It's only used four days a year. We try to be goodwill ambassadors for the Mississippi State baseball program. It's left field lounge north, that's the whole premise of this, and people love it," said Maloney.

People love it, like people love baseball in Omaha.

"Why did you do this again? It's kind of... how long did it take to build this? Where did you get this idea," said Whitney Weeks. "It's just having fun. Trying to represent Omaha."

Omaha is represented. Whitney Weeks has tailgated at the College World Series since he was a kid.

And now he's leaving his own mark, on the tailgating tradition.

"I call it the best schmedium sports town out there because it's not too bid. We love our sports and we care about things like this. I think it's a great event and it's a great event for the people of Omaha to show just what kind of people they are," said Weeks.

So the Maloney's said they'll be here a week, longer if Mississippi State makes it further. As for Whitney, he's local so the party continues. He said it took him a couple days to build his tailgating deck last year, he added on to it this year but he does construction by trade, so he's a pro.