Local man pulls pilot from small plane crash

Rutherford Black
Posted at 6:20 PM, Aug 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-25 18:00:11-04

QUINCY, FL (WTXL) -- One man is being hailed a hero after a small passenger plane crashed in Quincy Friday afternoon.

Rutherford Black says he doesn't think what he did was heroic. Instead, he says it's something anyone would do. Luckily for the pilot of the small plane crash, Black smashed the window and pulled him to safety.

"I saw that it was a huge amount of gas just pouring out. Pouring all over him. Pouring all over me. And I dragged him out, lifted him up and carried him over because I felt like any minute it was going to blow. And I'm just glad he made it," said Black.

The plane landed in the front yard of a home just outside the Quincy airport on Friday. Parts of the plane were scattered everywhere. Black was driving by when he saw the flipped over plane. He pulled over to take a closer look and once he noticed someone was struggling to get out, he immediately ran to help him.

The man Black rescued was 78-year-old Thomas Bowling. Black says Bowling was responsive after he pulled him from the plane, but he could hardly talk he was so shaken up. Bowling sustained serious injuries in the plane crash.

Black only left with a few minor cuts, something he says was well worth it to possibly save someones life. "Everybody should just try to help each other if we can. If everybody pitches in together and we help one another, everything would be much better," said Black.