Local comic book fans remember Stan Lee

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Local comic book fans remember Stan Lee.jpg
Posted at 6:37 PM, Nov 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-12 13:39:55-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - Stan Lee, the comic book icon and film executive producer, died Monday at the age of 95.

Lee was a pivotal part in advancing the comic book world in the 60's and 70's with creations like Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor. He is also responsible for the dozens of marvel films that movie-goers flock to see today.

Although comic book fans have know Lee and his work for quite some time, he has become more popular in recent years due to his light-hearted cameos in Marvel movies.

Paul Wilkens, the owner of Fallout Comics, was able to meet Lee in the early nineties, and still thinks of it as one of the best experiences he's had.

"I was lucky enough to meet him once back in '92," remembers Wilkens. "Great gentleman. He was incredibly nice. I had a short conversation. He was nothing but pleasant and inspiring. He really, really loved what he did."

Although many fans will be sad to hear of his passing, Wilkens believes that his life will be celebrated by the comic book community.

"He really, really was passionate and was inspirational to me and many other people," continues Wilkens. "In fact, most people working in the industry now were inspired by Stan Lee."

Lee died in a Los Angeles Hospital after being taken in an ambulance from his home. The exact cause of death is still unknown.