Leon County Sheriff's Office Providing New Online Crime Map

Leon County Crime Map from
Posted at 5:02 PM, Jun 15, 2015

LEON COUNTY, FL (WTXL) - A new map is available on the Sheriff's Office website that is giving Leon County residents a visual of crime in their neighborhoods.

The map is published through and can be accessed by going to the LCSO Web site and clicking on the Citizen Resources tab at the top of the page; once there click on the "LCSO Crime Map" heading in the drop-down menu.

"This crime mapping tool is a great resource for citizens to be more informed about things happening in their neighborhood. I encourage everyone to visit our website, check out the crime mapping program and sign up for the free alerts to stay informed," said Sheriff Mike Wood.

According to an LCSO press release, there are 15 different crime categories including arson, assault, burglary, disturbing the peace, drugs, DUI, fraud, homicide, motor vehicle theft, robbery, sex crimes, theft, vandalism, vehicle burglaries and weapons charges.

Residents can also sign-up for crime alerts from the website.