Leon County Principal Suspended Without Pay

Woody Hildebrandt Lively Principal
Posted at 10:41 PM, Feb 24, 2015
and last updated 2016-06-22 10:19:29-04

LEON COUNTY, FL. (WTXL) - Leon County Schools Superintendent Jackie Pons recommended the School Board fire the Principal of Lively Technical Center Woody Hildebrandt after he was arrested on several charges. Hildebrandt was charged with four counts of felony grand theft and one misdemeanor count of petit theft on January 15th. Hilderbrandt has been on paid administrative leave since November and on Tuesday his attorney weighed in.

According to Hildebrandt's Attorney Tim Jansen, "The facts are that Woody Hildebrandt filed a whistle blowing motion and the superintendent tried to talk him out of it for two and a half hours. Then he drove to Lively to offer him a job promotion, I even have the letter I'll offer you. Woody Hildebrandt is a victim and now he is charged with these crimes, they want to fire him and terminate him without pay it's just wrong."

A Leon County Schools Administrative investigation found multiple violations including fraud, misappropriation of funds, conflict of interest and violations of ethical conduct. Hildebrandt is accused of stealing school owned materials and ordering instructors to alter their time sheets. Charges Defense Attorney Tim Jansen say, are false and misleading.

The Leon County School Board voted unanimously on two items.

Chris Petley with the Leon County Schools says, "The Leon County School Board moved to put. Hildebrandt on Administrative leave without pay and forward the case to the District Office of Administrative Hearings"

Hildebrandt has been with the District for more than a decade and has been on paid administrative leave since November.

The District Office of Administrative Hearing will conduct its own findings and recommendations for the Leon County School Board.

No word on how long that process can take.