Leaders and Residents Discuss Making Improvements to Tallahassee's Riley Park

Posted at 9:49 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-26 21:49:00-04

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) - City leaders meet to discuss making improvements to a park in Tallahassee's Griffin Heights neighborhood.

The city's parks and recreation department addressed the community's push to upgrade Riley Park Tuesday night. The park currently has a small stage platform, plus a few benches and picnic tables.

Proposed changes include adding electrical outlets, light fixtures and seating to accommodate more events.

Officials say these plans have been in the works for more than a year, but it's important to make sure they're on the same page with residents. Cynthia Barber, Assistant City Manager for Community Engagement and Public Safety, says that is the most important aspect of this process: "Anytime we're considering changes in the community we want to hear from the neighbors who will likely be effected by the changes, so we wanted to hear what they were interested in and how we could address those concerns."

City leaders say they're going to develop a plan and timeline for park improvements and then hold another meeting with residents.