Lawmaker mulls pro-abortion rights license plates

Georgia license plate
Posted at 2:05 PM, Dec 14, 2012

ATLANTA (AP) - A Georgia lawmaker is looking to give drivers who support a woman's right to choose the option to demonstrate their viewpoint with a specialty license plate.

WSB-TV reports that out of 125 specialty plates, Georgia drivers have the option of purchasing one showcasing their anti-abortion standpoint. However, specialty license plates promoting a pro-abortion rights viewpoint are not offered.

The television station reports that Democratic State Sen. Gloria Butler, of Stone Mountain, is looking to review an amendment she introduced in 2005 for the state to offer pro-abortion rights specialty plates after the General Assembly approved anti-abortion plates.

A judge in North Carolina ruled the state offering specialty plates on one side of the issue but not the other was discriminatory and unconstitutional. Butler says that motivated her to reconsider the amendment.