Lafayette County Residents Continue Push For EMS Changes

Lafayette County EMS
Posted at 11:45 PM, Sep 22, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-22 20:06:03-04

MAYO, Fla. (WTXL)-- Residents in Lafayette County continue to voice their concerns about the county's Emergency Medical Services.

Monday night, they brought those concerns to county commissioners, who they say need to act fast.

"You do not believe how many people have come to me since this tragedy with my dad and told me things that happen that EMS does," said Lafayette County resident Kashina Taylor. "It's not acceptable, people. It's not."

Taylor works as a nurse, and when her father experienced heart problems one day, she knew she needed to call EMS. After arriving at the hospital, her father had a heart attack and died. Taylor says that if paramedics responded differently, he could still be alive.

"They didn't get his oxygen. They didn't get his vitals," said Taylor.

County Medical Director Roger Spindell responded to Taylor's complaint with a letter stating he found no wrongdoing by EMS workers. Another part of the letter says, "The narrative complaints reflect some discrepancies and/or allegations that are not reflected in the run report."

Taylor says she isn't the only one who has had issues with EMS workers, and she's worried that what happened to her father could happen to someone else.

"No cardiac patient should ever have to walk out of a house, or any patient that suffers from any condition that's life threatening," said Taylor.

In August, EMS Director Trevor Hicks resigned from his position amid the controversy, but the county commissioners voted to keep him as a paramedic.

"Every time they've made a run, the good and the bad, we had more goods than we did bad," said County Commissioner Jack Byrd.

However, other residents disagreed with the decision to keep Hicks at all.

"I believe that keeping Trevor down there is going to be a conflict of interest for this county. It's coming," said resident Travis Sullivan.

But Taylor says she has hope that the county will make more changes soon.

"I think now that all this is going on and all the other complaints that are coming to surface, we're becoming wiser and so is the community," said Taylor.

Dr. Spindell also told Taylor he would present her case at a tri-county meeting Wednesday, September 24.