Jimmy Carter Says Latest Brain Scan Shows No Cancer

Jimmy Carter
Posted at 7:42 PM, Dec 06, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-06 19:42:00-05

ATLANTA (AP) - Jimmy Carter says that his most recent brain scan showed no signs of cancer.

The former president said in a statement that he will continue to receive doses of Keytruda, a recently approved auto-immune drug to help his body seek out cancer cells in his body.

Carter says the scan showed no signs of the original cancer "spots" or any new ones.

Carter, 91, announced in August that he had been diagnosed with melanoma that spread to his brain. Doctors removed a portion of his liver and found four small tumors on his brain.

He received a round of radiation targeted at those tumors and regular doses of Keytruda. Carter has remained active during treatment, continuing his humanitarian work and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.

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