Jayden K Smith hacking warning is a hoax

Posted at 4:00 PM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 12:09:43-04

(RNN) - New name, same hoax.

There is no Jayden K Smith who wants to hack your Facebook account and all your friends’ Facebook accounts where he will post horrible things that you can’t see but everybody else can.

Jayden K Smith is just the latest name to be attached to a long-running hoax that warns readers not to allow contact from a particular person or group because dire consequences will result, said Snopes, the internet’s clarion of truth and No. 1 buster of hoaxes.

Likewise, there is no Anwar Jitou, nor is there a Maggie from Sweden, a Bobby Roberts, a Jason Allen, a Linda Smith, a Jason Lee, a Roland Dryer or a host of other nonexistent people wishing to torpedo your online life in every way imaginable.

It's a hoax, but it's also pretty good advice.

Forward this to your friends and tell them not to accept friend requests from anybody they don't know or from suspicious groups, up to and including strangers named Jayden K Smith.

The internet is a wild-and-wooly place. There are plenty of evildoers out there who would love to hack your Facebook account, take your personal information and use it to cause all kinds of trouble.

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