Insiders: Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope
Posted at 11:00 PM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-13 05:24:00-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL)-- Adoption can be a blessing to both the child and the parent.

In December, we ran a series called Fostering Hope where we showed you nearly three dozen children who were hoping for adoption.

The Florida Department of Children and Families told us out of the 32 children we she showed you online and on air through our series two are now going through the adoption process.

That's the good news, but the reality is going through the process can be complicated and take more time than you expect.

They're always on the go. Three-year-old Tenley and her sister two-year Taylyn are full of life.

 "Every day I come home, I open the door and they're like, "daddy, daddy, they're such a joy,'" said parent Greg Brannen.

 Brannen and his wife Nancy decided they wanted to adopt in the summer of 2012 and took the classes needed to start the process.

"We went through infertility treatments, and they were unsuccessful so we decided there were so many children in need of adoption locally," said Nancy Brannen.

Through the state they first found Tenley.

She was put in foster care at birth. Her adoption was final when she was about seventh months old in March of 2014.

Taylyn's official adoption was official in August of 2015.

"Taylen was a surprise," said Nancy. "We found out about after she was born. She was still in the hospital, and they are half sisters so they are bio-related and the family, their bio family members actually contacted me and told me Taylyn had actually been born the next day."

The couple expanding their family to four, but there is financial help.

 "There are many benefits that go along with adopting a kid in foster care," said Jamie Honerlaw, Wendy's Wonderful Kids Adoption Recruiter. "We provide a state subsidy which will go every month utilities the child reaches the age of 18 to help with the costs and things that are inquired when adopting a kid and we also provide a state tuition waiver."

Honerlaw says usually the typical time frame to adopt is 15 months through the state.

It all starts with quality parent training.

"It is a seven-week course where you go through and learn how are kids going into care, why are they going into care," said Honerlaw. "It kind of gives you a toolbox to help you work with these kids because they are very different than your own biological children."

Then they approve your home setting to match you and your children.

Adoption can be a wonderful journey for the the whole family Tenley and Taylyn's cousin has really enjoys spending time with them.

"It's been a real joy to have them in our lives," said cousin Nolan McCrory. "I couldn't ask for two better babies."

 If you're considering adopting through the state foster care system know that the process is free.