Increase in crime causes concern in Tallahassee neighborhood

Posted at 10:55 PM, Jan 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-28 14:13:22-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - An increase in crime in a Tallahassee neighborhood has people worried they're not safe in their own homes.

Home invasions and car burglaries are on the rise in the Jackson Bluff area.

"The screen was actually busted off and all the things here [on the window sill] were actually pushed into the sink," said Sam Mascaro. 

Mascaro says someone broke into the house he rents on Atkamire Drive early Sunday morning while he and two of his roommates were at home asleep.

"I know that they went into one of my other roommate's [bedroom], who had his money stolen. My other roommate actually saw the woman at first, but thought it was just a dream because it was just so absurd," said Mascaro.

Break-ins like this are a growing trend in the Jackson Bluff area. People have been posting on social media, showing pictures of broken windows and describing recent burglaries they've witnessed.

WTXL asked the Tallahassee Police Department how many times they've been called to the neighborhood lately. They're still working to get us the exact number, but Officer Damon Miller says they have been getting more reports of crime in the area.

"It's been a recent uptick as of late, but crime has a tendency to kind of move around," said Officer Miller.

Officer Miller says they're going to be doing more patrols in the area to help keep people safe. You can also sign up for a free home or business survey. A trained officer will come and show you how to make sure you're not an easy target for crime. Call TPD at 850-891-4251 to find out more about the program.

When we asked about simple ways to stay safe, Officer Miller said, "A lot of people don't have deadbolts. Deadbolts are a good deterrent to keep criminals out, as well as just keeping your lights on and keeping your car parked in a well-lit area."

Another important thing to know: the City of Tallahassee does not install street lights on private roads unless a homeowner's association or an individual customer requests it. If your street is dark, call the city's electric department at 850-891-5091 to see if they can help.