Impact Manafort, Cohen could have on presidency

Impact Manafort, Cohen could have on presidency
Impact Manafort, Cohen could have on presidency
Posted at 5:22 PM, Aug 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-22 17:22:00-04

(WTXL) - President Trump's former campaign manager was found guilty on eight counts of financial crimes on Tuesday. 

That same day, the president's former lawyer pled guilty in an unrelated case. 

We talked to one of our political contributors, Dr. Richard Murgo, about whether these cases will significantly impact the presidency. 

The short answer is no. President Trump has not been charged with anything, even though Michael Cohen implicated the president in court. 

"It'll have to be Congress that acts on this, and right now, Congress, they're in the witness protection program. We haven't seen Congress in a while, and they sure don't want to jump into this before the mid-term elections. They certainly don't want to see it," said Murgo. "So, if they choose not to act, then the question comes down to, 'Can a sitting president be indicted?' We don't know this at this point. We're in a lot of new territory with a lot of this." 

Dr. Murgo said it's important to note that neither case indicates any sort of collusion with Russia.

He said it's likely the president's supporters will continue to stand by his side and that these headlines won't phase them. 

On the flip side, Dr. Murgo said critics of the president will likely use these cases as proof that this isn't what some say has been a "witch hunt" and that there's real evidence that could spell legal trouble for President Trump.