Holder Park Pool under repair, but will open

Posted at 5:45 PM, May 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-24 14:19:04-04

CAIRO, GA (WTXL) -- When school lets out for the summer Friday in Grady County, Cairo city pool won't be an option to keep the children busy.

The pool has been the subject of debate for weeks now, but there is finally some good news. 

The only public pool in Cairo, Georgia, started as a small place to swim nearly 20 years ago, and through the years, the Holder Park pool grew and became a summer staple.

"As a child, I actually patronized the pool as well," recalls Booker Gainor, the mayor of Cairo. "I remember summer vacations coming here, family members coming in. This was one of the things that we would do to entertain out relatives that came in. Going forward, like I said, it's just time for maintenance. It's been way over due."

There's a leak near the frog slide, and the pool liner is so cracked that it could cut swimmers' feet. Cairo city council members discussed a number of alternatives, from closing the pool for the summer, to replacing it with a splash pad. Not everyone was on board.

"There's not a lot to do for the kids here," says Demario Byrden, a Cairo city council member for district two. "Closing this pool would take away what they do have. My passion, my goal was to make is stayed open and to make sure we had it running."

After much debate, a decision was finally made...residents in Cairo will be waiting a bit longer to cool off from the summer heat.

The Holder Park pool is expected to re-open in late June.

"We are going to open up if everything goes according to plan as far as the maintenance," explains the the mayor. "It won't be a full season. School starts back August fourth, if I'm not mistaken. We are also trying to keep it open on Friday afternoon as well as Saturday"

Keeping this pool open allows for younger children to learn to swim... and the hope is that it will keep older kids out of trouble.

"This pool, I'm not saying it's going to cancel out all the mischief that kids might do, but it will help," says Byrden. "It provides some avenue for them to have something to to do. Like I said, there's really not a lot here for them. Taking this away could be detrimental to the community."

There is still a bit of work that needs to be done before it opens next month, including hiring lifeguards! Those interested can go to Dollar Business Solutions in downtown Cairo, or visit their Facebook page.