Highest Number of TV and Furniture Tip-Over Deaths Recorded by CPSC in 2011

Proper TV installation
Posted at 7:35 PM, Dec 14, 2012

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) -- It's a number that may be hard for some parents to imagine. In 2011 alone, 41 children died as a result of TV’s, furniture or appliances toppling over.

Often, it's a child's quest to reach a toy, TV or game remote but they may use something like a dresser or an unstable table, causing the item to fall on top of them.

 “It's such a dramatic fashion of lifting a TV off of your two year old baby,” said Teresa Torrens.

And this Wisconsin mother is not alone. Florida Department of Health officials say when it comes to any home equipment...

“There's always going to be that moment where we turn away, look and something happens to our children,” said Lisa Vanderwerf-Hourigan of the Florida Department of Health.

Vanderwerf-Hourigan said steps need to be taken ahead of time because we cannot ensure that a child is supervised at every waking moment.

“You need to make sure that they are secure and away from any type of small children.”

Best Buy manager Rob Steele said there can be dangers if your TV isn't properly installed.

So what do you do to prevent this kind of accident?

Steele says it's all about proper installation.

“Either securing this or a wall mount is ultimately the safest install if you're concerned about a TV tipping,” he said.