Happy Motoring transforms old Southside gas station

Posted: 5:05 PM, Mar 02, 2018
Updated: 2018-03-02 13:43:04-05
Happy Motoring transforms old Southside gas station
Happy Motoring transforms old Southside gas station

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - The corner of FAMU Way and Adams Street was the home of an old gas station that hadn't been used in decades.

But now, it's been completely changed and found a new way to fill customers up.

From the minds behind Domi Station, Madison Social, and Catalina Cafe, Happy Motoring is just about ready for business.

"We wanted to take as much as possible in terms of local business and pack it all into this building and bring life and energy to this corner," said Lucas Lindsey, a partner with Foremost development company.

This used to be a property owned by oil company, Esso, that turned into Exxon. The company's tagline is the name of this new venture.

"It's been really important to us to do neighborhood development in an incremental way," said Lindsey. "This is a project that represents for us something special, because it's re-purposing a historic building."

Happy Motoring is one part beer and wine bar, one part food trucks, and one part tea and coffee shop.

It's an opportunity for the Tallahassee Tea Company to find new customers.

"Really showcasing the qualities in tea and doing the different variables that teas need in order for it to taste great," said Co-owner of Tallahassee Tea Company Maurice Moulton.

But why the southside? Business partners say it's the potential for more attractive development here.

"We think there's life and a lot of investment happening down here along FAMU Way, Railroad Square, and Cascades Park," one business partner said. "This is a great place to hang out, and we needed more places to do that."

Happy Motoring is getting ready for its official grand opening on Mar. 8.

The business also plans to expand into brunch options soon.