GRAPHIC: Man suspected of urinating on MI girl and calling her a racial slur

GRAPHIC: Man suspected of urinating on MI girl and calling her a racial slur
GRAPHIC: Man suspected of urinating on MI girl and calling her a racial slur
Posted at 7:18 AM, Aug 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-24 03:27:32-04

GRAND RAPIDS, MI (WOOD/CNN) – A 5-year-old Michigan girl was playing hide and seek with her friends when a 60-year-old man allegedly walked over and urinated on her.

He reportedly also called her a racial slur while he was doing it.

Katrena Rapier said a neighborhood girl and three other children – including her two sons – were playing just one door and a shout away from home, out of sight, but not earshot.

"Before I could check on them, she came in the house, like, her eyes big," Rapier said.

The girl was near tears.

"She's like, 'I'm wet,'" Rapier said. "And she was holding her head, and she was like, 'My hair's wet and my clothes are all wet.'"

Rapier said the girl had been hiding near a fence when 60-year-old David Allen Dean appeared on the other side of it.

"He just started urinating on her, and he said, 'Stupid n-----,'" Rapier said.

Dean's is a familiar face around the northwest Grand Rapids neighborhood. Although police are not confirming his name until his arraignment, jail records show that he's the suspect in this case.

He hasn't yet been formally charged, WLUK reported.

"My assumption was he was homeless, because he's out here all day, all night," Rapier said.

It turns out that Dean lives in a nearby apartment.

Another neighbor said Dean had been cutting grass for him, along with picking up trash for $10.

But there's a lot more that neighbors didn't know about Dean.

He's on the sex offender registry, has a long history of criminal sexual conduct dating back to the late '70s, and served prison time for sexually assaulting a minor.

Court records from last year show he's been diagnosed as schizophrenic, and is "easily provoked, delusional and sexually preoccupied due to increasing psychosis."

It's all taken Dean's neighbors by surprise.

"I didn't know it. Then again, I don't ask people their business," a neighbor said.

Rapier thinks she'll start asking.

"You know, he's been around all the children on this street and everything. I'm kind of scared to let my kids play now," she said.

Court records also show it was recommended that Dean live in supervised adult foster care. It appears he hasn't been living under supervision.

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