GOP divided on rewrite of 'No Child Left Behind'

No Child Left Behind
Posted at 6:32 AM, Jul 17, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-17 02:46:51-04

WASHINGTON (AP) — Conservative Republicans don't think a GOP rewrite of the No Child Left Behind education law does enough to reduce Washington's influence, while moderates warily eye proposals that would expand charter schools' role. Those intraparty differences appear to be blocking the bill's momentum.

It's just the latest example of the House's fractured Republican membership. The party has a majority in the chamber, but often stumbles over internal disagreements.

Party officials said a vote could come as early as Thursday but also cautioned the Republicans would not rush it if they weren't sure they had the support. It could be pushed to next week or later if House leaders were unconvinced it could pass with just Republican votes.