Giant six-foot lizard has FL neighborhood on edge

Posted at 7:14 PM, Aug 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 19:14:00-04

DAVIE, FL (WPLG/CNN) - A huge six-foot lizard is roaming a Florida neighborhood.

It can pose a danger to children and pets, and trappers are trying to find it.

The massive lizard, known as a water monitor, has been frequenting a Davie home for at least three weeks. Trappers have been out in full force leaving cages behind, so that they can capture the animal.

The Lieberman family found the beast of a lizard making its rounds on their property.

"My wife screams and I thought it was the kids, but wait a minute the kids are right here,” homeowner Zack Lieberman said. “She's like, 'It's back!’ And I'm like, 'What's back?'"

The lizard is not native to Florida - usually it’s found in Asia - and this particular one is about six feet in length and two and a half feet wide.

The Liebermans first saw the water monitor in their backyard nearly three weeks ago.

Then it came around again on Sunday.

"This time he was right up against our glass,” Lieberman said.

The Liebermans have two small kids and worry about their safety.

Since the lizard was spotted, playing outside has been out of the question.

"They swim, it's a water monitor so he can swim fast, he can run fast and he can get a hold of the kids fast, so one bite for them and it could be pretty devastating,” Lieberman said.

Some neighbors believe that the lizard may actually be someone's pet that lives nearby.

Animal control authorities have not confirmed that. They're looking into it and who it may belong to.

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