Gas Prices Affecting the Trucking Industry

Gas prices rising
Gas prices rising
Posted at 6:30 PM, May 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-14 22:55:03-04

TALLAHASSEE, FL. (WTXL) - Gasoline prices are on the rise, hitting levels most haven't seen in almost three years. According to AAA, gas prices nationwide are up a nickel in just the last week. That's 20 cents in the last month, but one industry is feeling the pinch.

Filling up at the pump is something all commuters must do, so when gas prices take a hike, they notice. But for truckers who have much bigger tanks to fill, they typically are the first to feel the increases in their pocket books.

Ronald Glober with Prichard Brothers Land Clearing says, $340.00 of Gas will only last a day. Glober has been a truck driver for years and has seen his share of fluctuations in fuel prices. As with any other type of delivery transport, distance plays a big role in the overall cost. Because of the sheer volume a semi-truck can carry, they remain a popular choice for hauling products. And when the price of gas goes up, these drivers notice right away.

The trucking industry is watching gas prices closely. What could be five to six dollars a tank for most commuters can mean hundreds of extra dollars for truck drivers.

According to Glober, "About every 5 cents is about $20 per fill up or every time I put some fuel in. So by the end of the week I probably put another extra hundred dollars of fuel in."

Multiply that by four and Glober is spending an extra 400-dollars a month. Just the slightest increase makes a huge difference in truckers' bottom line.

For Derrick Kenon with Shelton Trucking says, "We watch it closely and make sure of the average prices. As a truck driver, we're trying to find the cheapest diesel prices as we can. Family is the most important thing out here. If they increase diesel prices, it could put some of us truckers out of business."

The bigger problem is, if an individual trucking company does not increase how much it pays truckers per load, the trucker is out that extra money. Paying more for the same job will only hurt truckers trying to make ends meet.

The average price of unleaded gas locally is around $2.75. According to GAS-Buddy, Sam's Club on Dick Wilson Blvd near Capital Cir SE has the cheapest gas at $2.73.