FSU Football Players Meet a Real Georgia Peach at Children's Hospital

Florida State Football Players Find a Real Georgia Peach
Posted at 9:51 AM, Dec 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-31 06:20:20-05

ATLANTA, GA (WTXL) -- Biding their time before the Peach Bowl, the Florida State Seminoles are up to more than just running drills. During a visit to an area hospital, they were able to meet a little girl with the Seminole Spirit.

The team visited Egleston Children's Hospital. The hospital is located on the Emory University campus in Dekalb County, just outside Atlanta. 

The hospital is one of the largest childhood cancer centers in the U.S. while simultaneously having one of the highest volumes of pediatric cardiac surgery. 

It was there that they met their newest fan, Serenity Gallow. Serenity went to the hospital after Rottweilers attacked on her way home from school last month in Norcross, Georgia, causing damage to her skull.

She doesn't let her injury affect her spirit though. She gave a pep talk to the team while she spoke with them.

"When you go back before a ball game, tell all your teammates the only way to win is to believe in yourself and have confidence and work together," Gallow told the team.

Let's hope the Noles keep that in mind for this and future games.