Four women arrested in connection with attempted robbery at BP gas station

Four arrested
Posted at 11:11 AM, Jan 11, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-11 07:56:14-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Four women are facing charges related to an attempted robbery at a local BP Gas Station, according to Tallahassee police.

The incident happened just after midnight on January 10.  Tallahassee police say the target was unloading gas into tanks at the station on South Magnolia drive, when he saw a vehicle circle the area. He said that the vehicle stopped in front of his car; four to five women stepped out. The women were talking to each other and dressed in all black.

The victim said that one of the suspects acted like she was in charge, asking him directions to Tennessee Street. He tried to explain it to her, but she kept asking the same questions over and over.  She then pulled out a gun, pointing it at him with her finger on the trigger.

When she pulled out the gun, the target said all the other girls got into the car, saying, "we got to go."

The head suspect asked the victim for his wallet, but he told her, "I don't have any money, that's why I am out here working."

That victim told police that the woman looked around and realized that the others had left her by herself. She then got into the back of the car, and they fled the scene.

A Sergeant with the Leon County Sheriff's Office noticed the car on Osceola Street, and all four of the women were arrested.

They've been identified as 19-year-old Asiunique Salter, Crystal Salter, Terrica Turner, and Moneisha Thomas. They are all charged with robbery with a firearm and conspiring to commit a crime. Thomas is facing a first degree felony count of conspiring, while the others face a second degree felony count.

The police report does not specify which woman pulled out the gun.