Former Tallahassee Restaurant Owner Facing Charges Following FBI Investigation

Posted at 9:09 PM, Jul 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-07-24 08:10:13-04

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) - A former Tallahassee restaurant owner is facing money laundering charges, following an FBI investigation into an illegal internet scheme.

31-year-old Anthony Murgio, who used to own 101 Restaurant in Tallahassee until 2011, was arrested in Pinellas County in connection to an underground bitcoin exchange.

According to the Pinellas County jail, Murgio is being held for the U.S. marshals.

Investigators believe Murgio, along with another Florida man and two men from Israel, exchanged at least $1.8 million for bitcoins on behalf of tens of thousands of customers.

Murgio is accused of transferring the money to bank accounts in eastern Europe, Hong Kong, and Cyprus.

According to the FBI investigation, Murgio and his co-conspirators avoided detection of the illegal scheme by operating under a phony front-company called "Collectables Club."

Murgio is charged with one count of conspiracy to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business, and one count of operating an unlicensed money transmitting business. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

As for Murgio's money laundering charge, he could face a maximum of 20 years in prison.