Forget Favorite Candidates, Some People Voting Strategically

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Posted at 4:39 PM, Mar 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-15 16:39:00-04

WASHINGTON (AP) — Some voters are acknowledging they may not be casting ballots for their preferred candidate in this year's unpredictable primary season.

Are these voters confused? No, they're voting strategically in the year of Donald Trump in hopes of altering the outcome of the presidential race by voting for someone other than their favorite candidate.

Sometimes they're looking to back any candidate who can defeat Trump. In other cases, Democrats are crossing over to do just the opposite: voting for Trump, on the thinking he'd be the weakest candidate to face the eventual Democratic nominee.

The notion of strategic voting — in a way, playing amateur political scientist — is now front and center in Ohio and Florida, two of the big prizes on Tuesday.