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Wallenda inspires young performers

Posted at 5:25 PM, Jun 24, 2013
and last updated 2014-10-06 09:10:53-04

SARASOTA--At 1500 feet above the Grand Canyon, Nik Wallenda walked where no one had before.

It's a feat we may never see again--but rest assured, there's a whole crop of kids setting their sights just as high.

"He inspires me, I'm even trying the high wire," said young performer Dana Habadenk.

Hot off Nik's latest stunt, kids at the Sailor Circus Summer Camp say if Nik can do it, why can't they?

"I think Im going to try and get as far as I can with this," said Sarah Troutt, who was trying out the trapeze, "I think I'm on the way that's for sure."

Instructors say Wallenda is inspiring the kids.

"It really just shows if you have a dream, he had a dream and hes doing it, he's living it, if they have a dream, its just you can do it, you can live it and you can do whatever it is," said instructor Brennan Short.

It's the message that Nik embodies, And it's one that Anthony Congdon and Ian Laidlaw are living every day.

"He signed a picture that says keep up the hard work, keep up the good work, you guys can go far, never give up," said Congdon.

"He always says never give up, and that's something that we should always take in to never give up," said Laidlaw.

The duo watched as Nik turned a circus act into a lucrative career. And it's a path they hope to follow as well, given their act as hand balancers.

And while Nik is without doubt the king of the canyon, it's safe to say there may be someone out there hoping to steal his crown.

"Look what he did," said Habadenk, "Niagara Falls, the Grand Canyon...whats next?"