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Relief for Wallendas following challenging canyon walk

Posted at 11:32 AM, Jun 24, 2013
and last updated 2014-10-06 09:10:53-04

SARASOTA - We all marveled Sunday night as Nik Wallenda completed yet another unbelievable stunt: a skywire walk across the Little Colorado River gorge, 1500 feet above the canyon floor.

I was a very long night in Arizona, but one with a lot of celebration and marvel over Nik's incredible feat. ABC 7’s Lauren Dorsett attended a reception after the walk with Nik's friends and family and she says it was great to see the excitement. She says Nik, who looked very happy but understandably tired, said it was a very challenging walk for him.

After the walk we spoke with Nik's wife Erendina, and Lauren just gave her a big hug. She says you could feel how proud she was of Nik, but it was safe to say they were both glad it was over.

Nik said afterwards that the challenge in Niagara was that he couldn't see. At the canyon, the challenge was seeing too much -- all the movement in the cable, with the pendulums swinging and then of course the massive canyon and sweeping all to reminded him of the danger in his job. “If my kids or family ever asked me to stop, I guess I would have to.”

In the press conference after the walk, Nik of course also talked about his great grandfather Karl Wallenda, who lost his life on the wire. Nik said, as he usually does, he thought of Karl and how he's an inspiration for him in carrying on his family tradition.