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Assistant football coach accused of touching female student

Posted at 6:00 PM, Feb 08, 2013

MANATEE COUNTY - Allegations of misconduct have rocked Manatee High School. In a letter, a former student alleges inappropriate contact with the Hurricane's running backs coach, Rod Frazier.

"When we were in his office he would give me a hug, rub his hand on my upper leg, grab my thigh and butt," the student wrote in the letter.

The 3 page letter chronicles two years of interactions between the teen and Mr. Frazier, revealing alleged moments like this.. "One time I met him at the park, when we were leaving he asked for a hug and reached over and picked me up by my behind."

The letter went on to say... "He would tell me I owe him for keeping me out of trouble while looking down at his pants laughing and giggling. He would text me to tell me he loves and misses me. He would even tell me send him naked pictures of myself."

But the allegations have many students rallying around Mr. Frazier.

"I don't think its true because I know him and he just doesn't seem like that kind of person, " said one student.

"I don't believe that, because he would never do such a thing, he's a great man with a big heart. We love you Mr. Frazier, " said one of his former football players.

And the students aren't the only ones speaking out.

"This is one of those Facebook email, text message, high school rumor mills," said Eddie Mulock, Mr. Frazier's attorney.

According to letters obtained exclusively by ABC 7, two students, named in those Facebook messages have also come forward saying the accusations are lies.

One of those letters goes on to say the accuser isn't credible and was expelled from Manatee High for a series of disciplinary actions.  "Every teacher in the state of Florida are all very vunerable to this he say she say thing, and we are all dealing with emotional young high school students who are living on Facebook and all they can say is that," said Mulock.

Still, statements like this one from the accuser's letter has gotten the attention of authorities, who are also now investigating. "What is sad is that people actually believe anything that comes out of that mans mouth, he is nothing but a liar, a pervert and nasty."