Florida recount hearing underway

Posted at 2:50 AM, Nov 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 21:53:00-05

(WTXL) - U.S. Senator Bill Nelson is asking a federal court to waive the state's re-count deadlines, arguing there isn't enough time to count all the votes.

Court proceedings Wednesday ended with no resolution.

Nelson filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday, arguing election precincts should not have to rush and cut corners to get the results in by the 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon deadline.

More than half of Florida's 67 counties have completed their recounts.

Pete Dunbar said: "One is to throw out some ballots and the other argument is to put some ballots in. I think the right answer is that all the legal ballots should be counted and accounted for in the system that Florida has provided for the confirming, the recounts and the full aggregates so we can get to a vote total."

Nelson currently trails Rick Scott in the Florida Senate by 13,000 votes.