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Rare 'patternless' rattlesnake discovered in North Florida

Posted at 10:03 AM, Sep 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-24 10:16:12-04

A Florida Fish and Wildlife biologist has made a "extremely unusual" discovery in North Florida.

FWC says Biologist Pierson Hill recently found the "patternless" eastern diamondback snake.

FWC posted photos on Facebook and Instagram to show the snake without its typical patterns, side by side with a "normal" diamondback.

"This color morph is exceptionally rare – only a small handful of patternless diamondbacks have been documented by biologists," the Facebook post reads. Hill microchipped the snake for researchers to track it before he released it into the wild.

If you spot an eastern diamondback, officials say it's best to stay away. According to FWC, it's one of six venomous snake species that are native to Florida.

FWC says you should stand back and observe if you see any type of snake outdoors, regardless of shape or size.

The eastern diamondback is not a protected species, but some others are, including the eastern Indigo.

Snakes usually will back away from you rather than take an aggressive approach. They also tend not to bite if you leave them alone.

FWC also suggests that you don't kill a snake unless a venomous one threatens you, someone else or a pet.

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