Florida National Scenic Trail Leading the Way in Competition for $25,000 Grant

florida national scenic trail
Posted at 4:39 PM, Sep 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-29 14:17:35-04

ST. MARKS, Fla. (WTXL) - The Florida National Scenic Trail is leading the way in a national competition for a $25,000 grant, hosted by Michelob Ultra and the American Hiking Society.

A portion of the trail that runs through St. Marks Wildlife Refuge would benefit from the grant if the trail wins.

Due to storm surges and seasonal tide fluctuations, hikers can no longer cross through the trail at the Refuge.

With the grant, 30 volunteers would work for 24 hours to construct a 350 foot boardwalk that would allow hikers and sportsmen to travel through the stretch again safely.

This portion of the trail connects to a larger system that stretches 1,000 miles through the state. Alex Stigliano with the Florida Trail Association says this is something many Floridians do not realize.

"So many people that live in Florida, don't know that there is a national scenic trail in there back yard. But everyone in Florida is within one hour drive away from it," said Stigliano. 

Currently, the trail is enjoying a comfortable lead in the competition, with more than 25,000 votes.

Voting will continue through October 31.

If you want to cast your ballot to make sure the trail takes the prize, just follow this link.