Florida is 2017’s 5th Worst State for Teachers

Posted: 2:49 PM, Sep 25, 2017
Updated: 2017-09-25 14:49:00-04

(WTXL) - A new study claims Florida is one of the worst states for teachers.

According to a WalletHub study, Florida ranked No. 47 for worst states for teachers, compared to Georgia, which came in at No. 26.

In terms of the opportunity and competition rank (which was determined based on values like average starting salary, 10-year change in teacher salaries, and teachers' income growth potential), Florida fared no better, coming in at No. 50.

However, in the academic and work environment rank (which was determined based on values like the quality of the school system, pupil-teacher ratio, and teacher safety), Florida scored significantly higher at No. 25.

Georgia did much better across the board, coming in No. 20 for the opportunity and competition rank and No. 32 in the academic and work environment rank.


You can find the full study here.