First Look at the 97th Annual American Meteorological Society Conference

First Look at the 97th Annual American Meteorological Society Conference 1.jpg
Posted at 1:47 PM, Jan 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-24 15:42:44-05

SEATTLE, Wa. (WTXL) - The 97th annual American Meteorological Society Conference has started and is in full swing.

It has official started following the weekend-long student conference, where students were able to network with professionals, ask questions, inquire about grad school and jobs.

Starting Monday, more professionals in the weather, water, and climate community came together for sessions and networking. There were numerous talks about a lot of different things ranging from education, to space weather, to climate variability, and hydrology.

Forecaster Melanie Steinberg went to one of these talks called "Hot Topics in Climate Variability and Change" and sent back pictures. She also saw different exhibits where different booths are set up for people and students to mingle and learn about programs.

Besides NASA there are big companies like Lockeed Martin, the Weather Company, and companies representing different types of satellite and graduate schools. This gave students and other colleges chances to mingle and learn new things about some of the major companies in our industry.

Forecaster Melanie Steinberg will be bringing updates from the conference all week. Follow her Twitter @msteinbergwx. She'll also be bringing updates to WTXL's Facebook page

An updated feed of her Twitter is below: