First day of college classes brings excitement to Capital City

First day of college classes brings excitement to Capital City
First day of college classes brings excitement to Capital City
Posted at 3:40 PM, Aug 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-28 14:08:27-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) - Thousands of college students in Tallahassee had their first day of classes today.

The start of a new school year always brings a sense of excitement in the Capital City.

Summer is officially over for students here at Florida A&M University and Florida State University as the first day of the fall semester begins for both universities.

Plenty of students are catching up with old friends they've missed over the summer. Some are getting ready for their final year here and while others are preparing their very first.

"It's just like high school, but you're starting all over again," said Alisha Skipper, a freshman at Florida A&M University.

For the newest Rattlers on campus, it's a chance to make new friends and to become more independent. Choosing FAMU came naturally to Krista Ford.

"It was in my family, really," Ford explained. "Most of them are alumni. Some of them couldn't graduate because of civil rights and all that."

Over at Florida State, the start of classes also means the start of football. One freshmen grabbed a ticket for the opener.

"It's the biggest game of the year," said Kyle Wood, a freshman at FSU. "Alabama's #1. We're #3, and I'm really excited to go to my first Seminoles football game."

Talking to freshmen, several said they'd like advice on how to deal with getting homesick.

"Starting almost a new life, but still keeping in touch with all of your friends and people from back home that sort of spread out to different college," said Shannon Wichmann, a freshmen at FSU. "Keeping it all together, but starting fresh as well."

There will be a bit more traffic on the roads with thousands of students from FAMU, FSU, and TCC. Hopefully, the start of a new and exciting year for all of them.

The last day of classes for this semester is December 8th for both FAMU and FSU.