Firefighters: Christmas lights can be a fire hazard

Firefighters: Christmas lights can be a fire hazard
Posted at 4:11 AM, Nov 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-25 23:25:38-05

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - Firefighters say the most flashy thing about Christmas could possibly start a fire in your home: Christmas lights.

Firefighters say you want to make sure the lights are plugged into a Ground Fault Circuit, or GFI.

It could stop a potential wire problem before it starts a fire.

Be careful not to damage the cords when you’re putting up the lights, whether you’re stapling or nailing them down.

Tifton Fire Chief Bobby Bennet recommends you not use lights inside the house that were made for outside use, and be careful where you put the lights.

Also check for breaks in the outer wiring.

“Lighting nowadays is getting inexpensive to put up," said Bennett. "So the cheaper it is, it makes it easier to be able to rotate the lights out instead of continuing to use the old style lights,” said Bennett.

If you want to get your lights checked out, Chief Bennett says you can bring your lights to the fire department. They’ll look at the lights and make sure they’re safe for use and up to date.

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