Find Out What Prop "Hershel" Took From "The Walking Dead"

Scott Wilson
Posted at 3:45 PM, Oct 27, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-27 11:49:21-04

THOMASVILLE, GA (#WTXLDigital) - Scott Wilson, "The Walking Dead" actor and Thomasville native, went back to his stomping grounds for the Covey Film Festival.

Not sure who Scott Wilson is? He played Hershel on the AMC series, The Walking Dead. He is a graduate of Thomasville High School.

Wilson spoke to students at the Scholars Academy in Thomasville Wednesday. Students asked him questions about what it is like coming back to Thomasville, which "Walking Dead" actors are most like their characters, and what he loves about Hershel.

WTXL spoke to Wilson after the ceremony. He talked about his recent trips to Thomasville, including his high school reunion. He also told us what props he has taken from "The Walking Dead." Since it is a show about zombies, you can expect plenty of brains and severed limbs.

Click on the video to find out about Wilson's favorite memories from the show, which of Hershel's belongings are now in his closet, and what it was like filming the AMC series in his home state.

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