Ferguson protesters call anew to remove prosecutor

Posted at 8:03 PM, Sep 16, 2014
and last updated 2014-09-16 17:54:36-04

CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) — Protesters seeking the immediate arrest of the Ferguson police officer who fatally shot an unarmed 18-year-old have disrupted another government meeting.

They also renewed calls Tuesday at the St. Louis County Council meeting to remove the county prosecutor investigating the case.

The calls for Darren Wilson's arrest and the recusal of St. Louis county prosecuting attorney began with the final utterance of the Pledge of Allegiance.

"For all," crowd members shouted as the pledge concluded with "and justice for all."

A protest also took place one week ago at the Ferguson City Council's first meeting since Michael Brown's death.

Brown, who was black, was fatally shot Aug. 9 by Wilson, who is white. It led to unrest in Ferguson and has spurred a national discussion about police treatment of African-Americans.