Early voting starts in several Florida counties

Posted at 3:17 PM, Oct 24, 2022

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Early voting started Monday, Oct. 24 for several Florida counties.

Below are the early voting dates for the Leon and surrounding counties:

Franklin CountyOct. 24-Nov. 5
Gadsden CountyOct. 24-Nov. 6
Hamilton CountyOct. 29-Nov. 5
Jackson CountyOct. 28-Nov. 5
Jefferson CountyOct. 24-Nov. 5
Lafayette CountyOct. 29-Nov. 5
Lafayette CountyOct. 29-Nov. 5
Leon CountyOct. 24-Nov. 6
Liberty CountyOct. 14-Nov. 6
Madison CountyOct. 29-Nov. 5
Suwannee CountyOct. 29-Nov. 5
Taylor CountyOct. 24-Nov. 6
Wakulla CountyOct. 29-Nov. 5

Voters who want to cast their ballot early will need a valid photo ID and a signature identification.

More information about the upcoming election, including the full Leon County Voter Guide can be found on our Election 2022 page.