Florida Primary 2020: Local races to watch

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Posted at 9:49 AM, Aug 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-18 10:06:23-04

(WTXL) — As polls open and Floridians across the state cast their vote in Primary Election, there are several local races to keep an eye on.

Below is a break down of the top races in the Big Bend (scroll left and right to see all candidates):

CountyRace# of Precincts ReportingCandidate% of VotesCandidate% of VotesCandidate% of VotesCandidate% of VotesCandidate% of VotesCandidate% of Votes
LeonRepresentative in Congress, District 50 out of 87Albert Chester (D)LaShonda “L.J.” Holloway (D)Al Lawson (D)
LeonPublic Defender, 2nd Judicial Circuit0 out of 87Andy Thomas (D)Jessica Yeary (D)
LeonState Representative, District 70 out of 87Taymour Khan (D)Ryan Douglas Terrell (D)
LeonState Representative, District 90 out of 87Arnitta Jane Grice-Walker (D)Allison Tant (D)
LeonSheriff0 out of 87Walt McNeil (D)Tommy L. Mills (D)
LeonCircuit Judge - 2nd Judicial Circuit, Group 40 out of 87Tiffany BakerNina MoodyAmanda P. WallPete Williams
LeonCircuit Judge - 2nd Judicial Circuit, Group 160 out of 87Kevin AlvarezAngela Dempsey
LeonBoard of County Commissioners At Large, Group 10 out of 87Robin Colson5.17%Carolyn Cummings29.41%Scott Flowers12.07%Jeff Hendry17.85%Danielle Irwin12.68%Kelly Otte22.83%
LeonSchool Board Member, District 40 out of 87Dee Dee Rasmussen64.68%Alexander Stemle35.32%
LeonCity Commissioner, Seat 10 out of 87Elaine W. Bryant40.93%William Moore7.11%Jacqueline “Jack” Porter51.95%
LeonCity Commissioner, Seat 20 out of 87Trish Brown15.27%Lynette Halter4.56%Curtis Richardson50.96%Bill Schack17.50%
GadsdenRepresentative in Congress, District 5Gary Adler (R)Roger Wagoner (R)
GadsdenRepresentative in Congress, District 5Albert Chester (D)LaShonda "L.J." Holloway (D)Al Lawson (D)
GadsdenPublic Defender - 2nd Judicial CircuitAndy Thomas (D)Jessica Yeary (D)
GadsdenClerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller Janice Harris-Simmons (D)Shelanda M. Shaw (D)Nicholas Thomas (D)
GadsdenTax CollectorDee J. JacksonW Dale Summerford
GadsdenSuperintendent of SchoolsReginald James (D)Elijah Key (D)Tracey Stallworth (D)
GadsdenCircuit Judge, 2nd Judicial   Circuit Group 4Tiffany BakerNina MoodyAmanda P. WallPete Williams
GadsdenCircuit Judge, 2nd Judicial   Circuit Group 16Kevin AlvarezAngela Dempsey
GadsdenState Senator, District 3Benjamin Alexander Thaddeus John Horbowy (R)Marva Harris Preston (R)
GadsdenCounty Commissioner, District 1
Juliette Fisher-Jackson (D)Eric F. Hinson (D)
GadsdenSchool Board Member, District 1Cathy JohnsonAudrey D. LewisNatalie Richardson Roberts
GadsdenSchool Board Member, District 5Karema DudleyTyrone Dewayne Smith
GadsdenCounty Commissioner, District 5Ronterious "Ron" GreenMary Jack GreenlawOscar Veneszee Jr
GadsdenCounty Commissioner, District 3Damion McNealy (NPA)Gene Morgan (NPA)Kimblin NeSmith (D)
GadsdenSoil and Water, Seat 1Rolland SteeleSterling Watson Jr
WakullaState Senator, District 3 Benjamin Alexander Thaddeus John Horbowy (R)Marva Harris Preston (R)
WakullaPublic Defender, 2nd Judicial CircuitAndy Thomas (D)Jessica Yeary (D)
WakullaProperty Appraiser Ed Brimner (R)Ben Lovel (R)Colby Sparkman (R)
WakullaTax Collector Lisa Craze (R)Jessica Revell (R)
WakullaSupervisor of Elections Donna Sue Brown (R)Joe Morgan (R)
WakullaCounty Commissioner, District 3Mike Kemp Valerie Russell Mike Stewart
WakullaCircuit Judge - 2nd Judicial Circuit, Group 4 Tiffany Baker Nina Moody Amanda P. Wall Pete Williams
WakullaCircuit Judge - 2nd Judicial Circuit, Group 16 Kevin Alvarez Angela Dempsey
WakullaState Representative, District 7Taymour Khan Ryan Douglas Terrell
MadisonClerk of CourtAngela Rodgers (D)William D. "Billy" Washington (R)
MadisonCounty Commissioner, District 1Alston Kelley (R)Chuck Mays (Npa)
MadisonCounty Commissioner, District 3Craig Anderson (D)Ronnie L. Moore (D)
MadisonCounty Commissioner, District 5Donnell Davis (D)Rick Davis (NPA)Brian Williams (R)
MadisonProperty Appraiserleigh B. Barfield (D)
MadisonSchool Board District 2Carol Gibson (Non)
MadisonSchool Board District 4Frankie Carroll (Non)Travis Glover (Non)Annie Jo Martin (Non)
MadisonSheriffJoel AsbellChristopher Cooks (D)David Harper (NPA)Kenneth (Ken) Moore (Ind)David Paulk (D)
MadisonState Attorney - Third Judicial Circuit of FloridaJohn DurrettTina Seifert
MadisonSuperintendent of SchoolsShirley D. Joseph (D)David Myers (NPA)Ivory Thomas (NPA)
MadisonSupervisor of ElectionsHeath Driggers (R)Chris Norris (NPA)Renetta Parrish (D)
MadisonTax CollectorLisa Tutten (D)
SuwanneeState Attorney - 3rd Judicial CircuitJohn F. Durrett (R)Tina Seifert (R)
SuwanneeState Senator Jennifer Bradley (R)Jason G. Holifield (R)
SuwanneeProperty AppraiserRicky Gamble (R)BeBe Roberson (R)Wade Thomas (R)
SuwanneeCounty Commissioner, District 1Brooks Carroll (R)Don Hale, Jr. (R)
SuwanneeCounty Commissioner, District 3Crininda "Cinda" Foster (R)Steven Kirby (R)Travis Land (R)
SuwanneeCounty Commissioner, District 5Ronnie Richarsodn (R)Franklin White (R)
SuwanneeSchool Board, District 2 Catherine Cason Jacqueline (Jackie) Cherry Norman CrawfordMonica Ford-Davis
JacksonState Attorney - 14th Judicial CircuitLarry Basfrod (R)Wes Hatcher (R)
JacksonSheriff - (R)Donnie Edenfield (R)Scott Edwards (R)Jeff Snell (R)
JacksonSheriff - (D)Kevin Arnold (D)Hayes Baggett (D)Tim Ham (D)
JacksonSuperintendent of SchoolsSteve R Benton Sr (R)Gerald F. Brockner (R)Dallas Ellis (R)
JacksonSupervisor of ElectionsCarol A Dunaway (R)Alice Pate (R)
JacksonCounty Commissioner, District 1Alex B. McKinne (D)Willie E. Sqires (D)
JacksonCounty Commissioner, District 3 - (D)Marcell "Shane" Harvey (D)Ronstance L. Pittman (D)
JacksonCounty Commissioner, District 3 - (R)Paul A. Donofro Jr. (R)Mary Ann Hutton (R)Tyler Lipford (R)
JacksonCounty Commissioner, District 5John Bryan (R)James Peakcock (R)
JacksonSchool Board Member, District 3Pam Long BimbergStacey Goodson
TaylorState Attorney - Third Judical Circuit John F. Durrett (R)Tina Seifert (R)
TaylorState Senator, District 3Benjamin Alexander Horbowy (R)Marve Harris Preston (R)
TaylorClerk of Circuit Courts and ComptrollerMike Hunter (R)Gary "Bubba" Knowles (R)
TaylorSheriffDanny McLeod (R)Wayne Padgett (R)
TaylorProperty AppraiserShawna Beach (R)Jerry Register (R)
TaylorDistrict Superintendent of Schools Alicia York Beshears (R)Danny F. Glover Jr (R)
TaylorCity Council Member, District 2Shirlie Hampton (NOP)Donnie L. Pickford (NOP)
TaylorBoard of County Commissioners, District 1Jamie English (R)Brandon Thomas Fletcher (R)Glenn Frith (R)
TaylorBoard of County Commissioners, District 3Richard Carr (R)Jody J. DeVane (R)Ursula Miller (R)Sean Andrew Murphy (R)Micheal Elzie Newman (R)
TaylorBoard of County Commissioners, District 5Thomas Demps (D)Ocie "Gator" Reaves (D)
TaylorSchool Board Member, District 5 Daniel Chaney (NOP)Deidra Dunnell (NOP)
TaylorSchool Board Member, District 3Guy W. Gibson (NOP)Jeanne E. Mathis (NOP)
TaylorState Representative, District 8Taymour Khan (D)Ryan Douglas Terrell (D)
JeffersonSheriff*Mac McNeill (R)
JeffersonSupervisor of ElectionsMarty Bishop (NPA)Jacqueline Y Seabrooks   (NPA)
JeffersonSuperintendent of SchoolsMarianne Arbulu (NPA)Al Cooksey (R)Eydie Tricquet (R)Glover Jones (D)
JeffersonTax CollectorLois Howell-Hunter (D)Lynn Stafford (R)
JeffersonProperty AppraiserAngela Gray (D)
JeffersonCounty Commissioner, District 3C.P. Miller (D)Ben Ransom Jr. (D)JT Surels (R)
JeffersonCounty commissioner, District 5Stephen Walker (NPA)
JeffersonSchool Board, District 1Gladys Roann-Watson
JeffersonSchool Board, District 4Bill BrumfieldKaren Purser
HamiltonClerk of Circuit CourtW. Greg Godwin (R)
HamiltonProperty AppraiserDavid Goolsby, Jr. (R)
HamiltonTax CollectorMary Sue Adams (R)
HamiltonSheriffSteve Livingston (R)J. Harrell Reid (R)
HamiltonSupervisor of ElectionsLaura Hutto (R)
HamiltonCounty Commissioner, District 1Beth Burnam (R)James "Jimmy " Murphy (R)
HamiltonCounty Commissioner, District 3Robert E. Brown (D)Calvin Paul (D)
HamiltonCounty Commissioner, District 5Richard "Richie " McCoy (R)William S Mitchell, IV (NPA)
HamiltonSuperintendent of SchoolsDoug Clayton (NPA)Felecia Faye Jones Moss (NPA)Philip H Pinello (NPA)Lee Wetherington-Zamora (R)
HamiltonSchool Board Member, District 2W. Gary Godwin (Non)
HamiltonSchool Board Member, District 3Jeanie Daniels (Non)Saul Speights (Non)
HamiltonSoil & Water Conservation District, Group 2Terry Knighton (Non)
HamiltonSoil & Water Conservation District, Group 4Scott Wynn (Non)
FranklinClerk of the Circuit CourtErin Hale Griffith (NPA)Suzanne Michele Maxwell (NPA)
FranklinSheriffA.J. 'Tony ' Smith (R)Carlton Louie Whaley (D)
FranklinProperty AppraiserRhonda Millender Skipper (D)
FranklinTax CollectorDanny W Gay (NPA)Rick Watson (R)
FranklinSuperintendent of SchoolsSteve Lanier (R)Traci L. Moses Yoder (D)Michael Thomas Sneed (D)
FranklinSupervisor of ElectionsHeather C. Riley (NPA)
FranklinCounty Commissioner, District 1Pinki C. Jackel (R)Ricky Jones (R)
Franklin County Commissioner, District 3Brett Philip Gormley (NPA)Noah Lockley, Jr (D)
FranklinCounty Commissioner, District 5William H. Massey, Jr. (NPA) Madeline Marie Nevarez   (NPA)Jessica Varnes Ward (NPA)
FranklinSchool Board Member, District 1Melonie Kay Inzetta (NON)Jared Michael Mock (NON)
FranklinSchool Board Member, District 3Fonda Demetrius Davis, Sr (NON)
FranklinSchool Board Member, District 5Jared Michael Mock (NON)
LibertyPublic Defender, 2nd Judicial CircuitAndy Thomas (D)Jessica Yeary (D)
LibertyCircuit Judge - 2nd Judicial Circuit, Group 4 Tiffany Baker Nina Moody Amanda P. Wall Pete Williams
LibertyCircuit Judge, 2nd Judicial Circuit, Group 16 Kevin Alvarez Angela Dempsey
LibertySheriffDanny E. Earnest (D)Eddie Joe White (D)
LibertySuperintendent of Schools - (D)J. Aaron Day (D)Brenda Green (Dem)
LibertySuperintendent of Schools - (R)Kyle Peddie (R)Jason S. White (R)
LibertySchool Board Member, District 1James E. FlowersJeanie GargiuloVontarius McCray
LibertySchool Board Member, District 4R. Logan DurdenJames B. HoodPappa Glenn LordJason SingletarySuzann Stoutamire
LibertySchool Board Member, District 2Jon AllenJodi Lindsey BaileyRay Glisson
LibertySupervisor Of Elections Gina McDowell (D)Matt Schmarje (D)Shelly Shuler Stafford (D)
LibertyBoard of County Commissioner, District 5 Scott Philips (D)Bobby M. Ross (D)
LibertyState Senator, District 3Benjamin Alexander Thaddeus John Horbowy (R)Marva Harris Preston (R)
LibertyClerk of Courts and ComptrollerCurtis Lee Fletcher (R)Daniel Stanley (R)