City leaders work towards high voter turnout, mail-in ballots amid pandemic

Posted at 6:21 PM, Oct 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-02 18:21:12-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL) — City leaders are marching the streets of Tallahassee all in the name of voting, urging people to register to vote this fall.

The Tallahassee Urban League is leading the charge, marching from the Urban League headquarters all the way to the intersection of Tennessee and Macomb.

Many say they don't want people to sit out on voting in any election but especially this one after voter turnout for local elections was low in August.

In Leon County, the Elections Office saw a disappointing 35 percent voter turnout in the primaries.

Community leaders are determined to get that number up in November.

With COVID-19 still a daily part of our lives they Urban league says vote whatever way you can whether that be in person or by sending in your ballot to the Supervisor of Elections.

They encourage using Leon County's vote by mail Dropbox as well.

NAACP Tallahassee chapter president Adner Marcelin says don't sit out on this election, regardless which side of the aisle you side with.

"We had about 34 percent turnout in the primary election," said Marcelin. "That is not acceptable. Too much is at stake for that low of a number show up to the polls. Bring somebody, check on your friends, assist them in getting their ballots."

Florida A&M University's Student Government Association president, Xavier McClinton says he's excited to get to the ballot box and wants his classmates to feel the same.

"This is my first presidential election and for many students on campus it's theirs as well," said McClinton. "Regardless of what side or political spectrum you're on these are issues that are going to change and affect our lives so it's important for us to be engaged and involved in this process."

McClinton says it's important students know they can vote at precincts on campus but need to be registered as Leon County voters.

So far the Supervisor of Elections reports 8,800 mail-in ballots have been cast for the general election.

If you are going to vote in person they ask that you vote early.

The deadline to register to vote in Leon County is October 5.