Echols Co. Sheriff: Florida Woman Leaves Child in Car to Steal Truck

Posted at 12:23 PM, Jun 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-06-22 12:02:18-04

ECHOLS Co., Ga. (WTXL)--A Florida mother is accused of leaving her child in a hot car to steal a truck.

Echols County Sheriff Randy Courson says Sunday night around 7 p.m., they received a call that a boy was in the back seat of a Toyota Camry with the windows partially down. 

Sheriff Courson says they learned that he was six years old and had been there since around 10:45 that morning underneath the carport at the home on Carter Road.

The sheriff says the boy knew his mom planned on taking the pick-up truck from the home, and he didn't feel like it was right so he stayed in the car. He was too frightened to get out. 

The sheriff said Bettie Minfield of Labelle, Florida took the truck along with her other son. The homeowner's dog was used to riding in the truck so it went too.

The keys were inside the truck. The sheriff issued a be-on-the-look-out. With the help of a tip from a citizen, the Georgia Department of Corrections, and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, they were able to find Minfield, her son, and the dog Monday morning.

Minfield is being charged with theft of a motor vehicle and two counts of child abuse. 

The twin boys' father drove up from Florida to pick them up.