Eastpoint families being moving into donated mobile homes

Posted at 9:36 PM, Jul 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-04 11:38:48-04

EASTPOINT, Fla. (WTXL) - From the ashes of the Lime Rock Wildfire comes something people in Eastpoint have needed: hope.

The first few families who lost everything in the devastating, man-made wildfire last month are moving into new homes. Crews set up the first two of six mobile homes Wednesday.

"It's been a long three weeks, but I cannot say how appreciative I am of the community," said Franklin County Sheriff AJ Smith. "This wasn't me, this was the community coming together."

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office bought the mobile homes using money raised from the Eastpoint GoFundMe  account.

"I had a lady bring in a $60,000 check today to donate to charity," said Sheriff Smith. "You tell me that's not generosity. A lot of people gave money and they don't even know anybody here."

Sheriff Smith says the six permanent trailers are being distributed to the elderly first, then families with the most children.

One hurdle for the new homeowners: getting the proper elevation certificate to place the mobile home on their yard.  Luckily, The Eastpoint Church of God is covering the cost of the permits for these six homes. They are approximately $375 per house, totaling about $2,250.

It's been a tough couple weeks for folks in Eastpoint who's homes burned down in the fire. They've been staying with friends and family or in shelters, waiting for a permanent solution.

"I stayed with my son on Ridge Road. He was blessed, [the fire] went around his fence and didn't touch his house, thank God," said Eastpoint resident Jimmy Boone. Boone received one of the donated mobile homes Wednesday.

Sheriff Smith says more donations  are still coming in. They hope to purchase more mobile homes for Eastpoint families in the coming weeks.