East Texas store donates entire wardrobe to Harvey survivors

East Texas store donates entire wardrobe to Harvey survivors
East Texas store donates entire wardrobe to Harvey survivors
Posted at 11:22 AM, Sep 04, 2017
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MABANK, TX (KLTV) - Market Street Nest is a quaint store in downtown Mabank where the love for Texas doesn't go un-noticed.

"We sell a little bit of everything,” says Julie Squibb, the store’s owner. “We have homeware, we have children's clothes, we have women's clothes."

They don't have any clothes at the moment.

"I was just walking through the store one day wondering what we as 'the nest' family could do,” says Julie. “I thought you know what we just need to bag all this up and donate all of it."

Julie sent the stores entire wardrobe to survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

If you ask her how she'll make up for the four thousand dollars in donated merchandise she’ll shrug and say “not worried about it.”

Worried by the empty racks for just a moment was her co-owner and husband Randy.

"I was walking back and I went oh my gosh,” says Randy Squibb. “I immediately picked up the phone and called Julie and said honey I think we've been robbed."

"I was like oh I forgot to tell you I donated all of our clothes,” says Julie. “He thought it was fabulous he was glad we did it."

Randy describes his wife's grand gesture as unique.

"It's great that people give their old items and their items that don't fit anymore that's great they need that,” says Randy. “But these were brand new clothes."

While their hangers may be bare the couple only has one hope.

"People around Texas have been giving and are trying to help people out,” says Randy.  “I hope that other parts of the world see what we're doing and say that's how to take care of people that's what you do.”

The Squibbs say they just took the clothing to a donation drop off but, they believe most of it was taken to the shelter at the Dallas Convention Center.

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