Dozens of sex offenders reside in Tallahassee Shelter

The Shelter
Posted at 6:12 PM, Jul 02, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-03 13:06:51-04

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL)--The Shelter is home to many homeless Tallahassee residents on West Tennessee street.

"They walk in, they talk to us individually, they get our names and write it on a piece of paper and that's it," said Aggers.

Anthony Aggers has been a resident at The Shelter for the last five months. He says he was never asked whether he was a sex offender or predator before moving in, but just found out he's living with them.

I performed a neighborhood sex offender search on 480 W. Tennessee Street on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's website, and I found 25 sex offenders including one predator lives here.

I gave a few people my Ipad to take a look for themselves.

Brittany: "How alarming is it to see this many sex offenders live here at the shelter?"

"Wow I know that guy, and I know this guy, wow."

"I didn't know we had so many at the shelter, this is a big surprise to me."

"I guess people like that hide it well because it shocked me, it blew my mind just a minute ago," said Aggers.

Officer David Northway with the Tallahassee Police Department says its legal.

"The shelter is an approved place for the sex offenders to live at," said Northway.

Northway says sex offenders are checked on twice a year and must live at the address registered with the state, and sexual predators are paid a random visit at least four times a year.

"What we do is, go out at different times a day, check the locations to make sure your things are there," said Northway.

Offenders and predators aren't allowed to live within 1000 feet of a school or daycare by law. However; children and families also live at the shelter with the offenders.

"I know all of them, I see their faces every single day and I didn't know they were registered," said Aggers.

I tried reaching out to The Shelter director several times for their response and this is what we were told he was in a meeting.

We received no response, at last check around 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, after several phone calls and walking in the office.

These questions are all stemming from a recent arrest. A witness told Tallahassee police that 43-year-old Calvin Carridine touched a 2-year old child in-appropriately on Friday.

 This allegedly happened in front of The Shelter building.

 The witness told police he saw Carridine stroke his hands on the outside of the toddler's pants. Carridine remains in the Leon County jail.