Don't See that Movie You Want on Netflix? Use this Option

Posted at 7:37 AM, Mar 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-10 08:49:24-05

Netflix has hit a milestone. The streaming subscription service is now in over half of all households and surged past the number of DVRs in use. More than half of all Netflix users are outside of the US.

The number of movies that Netflix carries has plummeted in the past couple of years, losing thousands of titles since 2014. A study then showed there were over 6,500 movies on Netflix, but by 2016 the number was just over 4,300.

Finding movies on Netflix can be frustrating and confusing and if you've ever scrolled through the selections looking for something good to watch, you may be interested in a little known feature called "Suggest Titles."

If there is a movie you'd like to see added to the lineup you can request it from the Netflix Help page. You can request up to 3 movies and if the service is able

to get it, you'll get a notification that it's been added. Who knew Netflix took requests?

Of course don't expect every movie you request to be available. Netflix cuts deals with Hollywood studios to carry their movies and in recent years the company has canceled contracts which is why the movie selection has become smaller.

Another way to make it easier to see movies you may like is to leave ratings on your favorites.

Netflix hires people to monitor how their subscribers are using the service and will recommend titles based on movies you've watched and rated highest. The recommended titles also filters movies by seeing what you've watched and whether you watched the entire film.

Those recommended titles based on what you've watched and rated appear higher in the list of titles on your homepage.

It's also much easier to search for films on Netflix from a computer and then add them to a watchlist rather than trying to scroll through the titles using a streaming app or device.

Netflix is spending more money these days producing their own films and tv shows and spending less on contracts with studios. Other streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Hulu now carry more movie titles than Netflix. Amazon Prime for instance, currently has 4 times the number of films offered by Netflix.