Dangers of meeting up with people online

Posted at 7:39 PM, Jan 04, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-04 16:19:04-05

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTXL)--You may be looking for some furniture or maybe a hot date, but you never know who's really on the other side of the computer.

Tallahassee police is making sure you know what to do before meeting up with strangers online.

"Take a friend with you meet in a location that is well lit or open to the public where there will be other people around so in case it is a set up you have a safety net," said Scott Beck, Tallahassee Police officer.

Just this week, Tallahassee police discovered what they believe was another robbery scam online, only found because of a deadly shooting.

20-year old Oscar Williams now charged with the death of 21 year old Joshua Frazier.

Frazier's body was found lying in the parking lot of the Osceola Ridge apartment complex January 2nd.

Officers say the two men were involved with a woman, running a scam, and posting personal ads on craigslist, then meeting with men and robbing them.

In another case--back in July 2012 three people were arrested. Officers say they're accused of using a Craigslist ad to lure a man to a motel in Tallahassee, once inside the room he was attacked.

They're accused of beating and robbing him.

Its incidents like these-- is why internet users like Jean Chen take precautions.

"You just have to be very careful who you purchase from and you have to read reviews before you actually purchase," said Chen.

Officer Beck is sending out a warning.

"Call the person first fill them out, if you get that funny feeling that something's just not right call us," said Beck.