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The INSIDERS: Ali Gilmore....Where Did She Go?

Ali Gilmore
Posted at 8:45 PM, May 07, 2015
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TALLAHASSEE, FL. (WTXL) - For one neighborhood it's more of an a mystery today than it was almost a decade ago. Loved ones remember a mother to be as a hard worker and loving friend.

Ali Gilmore has been missing since February of 2006. Investigators continue to search for clues but are not any closer to finding out what happened.

Charlotte Dullivan a neighbor of Gilmore can't believe someone she was so close to could just vanish, "We just don't know it's a mystery. It was a mystery the day it happened and today it's still a mystery."

Neighbors on the quiet street of Lorain Court are still in shock after the 30 year seemingly disappears into thin air. Gilmore was four months pregnant at the time she went missing. Investigators continue to look for leads but still no answers.

Officer David Northway with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "Where Mrs. Gilmore was last seen is we believe at the house. We believe that there was nothing that showed a struggle or anything of nature."

Police say, nothing looked out of place. Gilmore's purse and belongings were untouched at her home.

Friends describe Ali as a hard worker and well liked. She was working two jobs when she disappeared, a part time job at Publix and a full time job at the Florida Department of Health. She had recently split with her husband James Gilmore who voluntarily took a polygraph test and was ruled out as a suspect.

Anette Hill lived down the street from the Gilmores and remember them well, "From the time she disappeared until the last time I spoke with James, I really don't think that he knew or knows or had anything to do with it."

Investigators continue to look for leads but the case has gone cold. Several questions remain as to how a woman four months pregnant could just vanish without a clue as to where she's gone.

Hill remembers the day Gilmore went missing, "We were all just hysterical and in doubt. We had hopes from that time on, it's just a couple of days and we'll know where she is. She'll contact one of us."

At the time Gilmore went missing, those searching for her flooded the area with countless billboards and yard signs. They held vigils for her safe return but still no answers.

A website was created to help spur leads but still nothing police could go on. As time ticks by and memories fade, there is a reminder of Ali Glimore, a small memorial at the end of her street where she once called home.

According to Dullivan, "She was a very fine person, she was a good neighbor and she was a good friend. I hope they will be able to find out what happened to her."

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Tallahasse Police continue to classify Ali Gilmore's disappearance as a missing persons case. With the case still open and so much time passed Police hope someone will come forward and shed some light on such a dark mystery.

Officer Northway pleads for the community to step up, "If anyone has any information about the case please call us about it. Somebody somewhere knows where Miss Gilmore is or what happened to her."

Law enforcement have spent thousands of hours combing through leads and looking for answers in the Ali Gilmore case. Family and friends are hopeful that someday someone will come forward with the details on how Ali Gilmore went missing.

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